The Twilight Terror By Gabriella & Margaret Slade

Hello to all!

It is with great pleasure that I (Gabriella) announce the newest addition to the collection of books by the Slade Family, coming Febuary 17, 2016….The Twilight Terror!¬†

Now I understand that a good amount of you who come in here read my moms posts concerning Homeschooling and Tapestry of Grace, and I’m happy that you have, but you might like this. ūüôā First of all, this novel is¬†for young adults. (Please welcome your tweens/teens to read this along with you parents :P) And ¬†It’s kinda a twist to time travel. There is no Typical-travel-back-into-history sort of book that you always see, but instead, you meet wizards who are powerful enough to¬†stop¬†time. Yes, I did just say that! I’ll even repeat it:¬† you meet wizards who are powerful enough to¬†stop¬†time. ¬†Here’s an Idea of the plot:

After escaping near death, an inexperienced boy with the rare power to control time answers the call to save his homeland from a yellow eyed Mad-man who craves revenge.  Meet Amentia, a young man who will go through a lot in a short amount of Time when he meets Amera, the beautiful red haired elf and realizes what has happened to the world.  The Twilight Terror is a young adult novel sure to make you sit on the edge of your seat. Coming out in 2016, soon you too will have the chance to follow one of many of Amentia and Amera’s adventures.  

Now do you get the picture? You’re about to meet wizards, elves, yellow-eyed mad men and more! ¬†It was a pretty epic novel to write. Not to mention, it was done with my younger sister, Margaret Slade. ¬†She is responsible for most of the names of people and places in the book, and gave me extra tid bits to the plot, so we decided to put her name on the cover.

There are several ways to find out more about the book. First of all, check out¬†The Twilight Terror¬†page at the top of the site. Next, you can also check it out at ¬†There is a sample chapter,or 5 ūüėČ there, and other fun things! ¬† Also check me out at

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A new year 4 JH 2

A New Year for Joyful Homeschool!

Well it’s sure been a while since I’ve been here! Normally you find me at, but I thought everyone here would want to know what was happening.


Joyful Homeschool is going to have some new contributors! All of my brothers and sisters ¬†are going to start writing here! ¬†We will talk about what we’re learning and share some of our assignments. ¬†But that’s not all!¬†A lot of the Slade kids (including me!) have become–or soon will be–authors! ¬†Do you wonder who we are and what we have written?

Me–age 13 (Gabriella) ¬†I am the author of¬†Jethomia¬†and soon to be coauthor of The Twilight Terror. ¬†Find out more about this book¬†here

MARGARETРage 12 She is the other soon to be coauthor of The Twilight Terror.  This will be her first book.

BENJAMINРage 10 Ben has previously written The Black Terror  and is currently working on the Discovery of Time.  Find out more here

JEREMIAH– age 8 He is working on his first book–The Journey to Dunbar Castle. ¬†He talks about it here!

So these are our books. ¬†I hope you take the time to visit them and tell us your opinion, as we’ll really appreciate it. We are hoping that maybe you’ll even help share this post and help the word of our books get out there!


Story writing-Kids here are going to share there stories and sneak peeks to their stories here. You are welcome to give advice to us and tell us your opinion in the comments

History papers-We look forward to posting our history papers with you. ¬†The unit this year is in the 1860’s. ¬†We are studying the American Civil War.

Book reviews/reports-All Slade Children here are bookworms wish a nose almost always glued in a book.


Exploring Countries and Cultures

Going Around the World Without Leaving the House

Exploring Countries and Cultures

Recently, My mommy got us a new curriculum called Exploring Countries and Cultures.¬† It teaches us about the countries of the world, with really cool activities!¬† We just “applied” for our passports, the key to leaving the country.¬† We are now learning about forests of America, and about latitude and longitude.¬† Yesterday, we located places like: Washington D.C., The Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and the Mississippi River.¬† The river was the hardest because the rivers were not named on our map.¬† So we used the Classroom Atlas from the curriculum.¬† We also learned about Dwight Moody, a Christian hero and founder of The Moody Bible Institute.

Traveling around the world is one of my life long dreams, and this curriculm helps me do just that, yet, I don’t have to even leave my house!¬† From the moment that the box was left at our door, I knew that I was about to embark on an amazing journey.¬† I now excitedly look forward everyday to studying one part of each country, (we study one country a week) and after each lesson, I wait excitedly for the next.¬† Have you ever done something like that?¬† I decided that I will create a special book series, one country a book, and it is just one of the reasons that I look forward to those lessons.

And learning about new languages,¬† I’ve been discovering easy ways to make up my own languages, so I’ve made up 8 different ones, like Brownie! Yet another reason that I look forward¬† to these lessons.¬† My siblings and I also love “Wee Sing”, a music CD that has songs from around the world. Our favorite one is “Tingalayo” It’s funny, yet cool.

Want to learn more about Exploring Countries and Cultures? (ask your parents first!)

Chapter 4: The Mystery Of The Baby Sitter

The next day, Brianna told Emma and Lillie about Mom and Jane.¬† “Well, you can always come over and make mud pies with me” Lillie offered kindly.¬† ” No thank you Lillie, I’m already busy.¬† Jane said she was invited out to eat this evening” Brianna said “so what?”¬† Emma asked “I want to know who asked her,” “ask” Said Lillie “I did, but she said the information wasn’t for Little kids.” Brianna said,” you should listen to her, she’s your baby sitter Bria” Emma replied “yeah, but I’m curious” said Brianna¬† “that’s being nosy,” Lillie Said. “We Could spy on her!” said Emma who wasn’t even listening to Lillie “Yeah!¬† she did say she was going to Olga’s Kitchen ! ” Brianna cried.¬† But Lillie hesitated “I’ve got to help my mom watch Jack ” she said.¬† Jack was her little brother who¬† often got into trouble. “Then we’ll go without you” said Brianna, she was sorta starting to like Emma’s idea about spying on Jane, so that’s what she’d do.

After school, Brianna went to cheer leading practice with Emma, she went in to the middle of Zoe and Emma dressed in her green and blue shirt and skirt.¬† They did the chant with out a mistake. But Miss Kristine (their singing teacher) still made them do it again and again well the boys did football training for there annual football game which was a week from Saturday! the only sad thing about it was that Mom and Dad might not even there, They would probably sit¬† in the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses well their daughter cheer leaded for a bunch of other parents. When practice was finally over, Brianna dragged herself home, thought she was tired, Brianna knew she had to stay awake if she was to spy on Jane, because she always slept in, and by time she woke up, Jane might be gone.¬† When it was time, Brianna, met Emma outside her house, then they rode bikes to the nearby Olga’s kitchen and¬† followed Jane inside. they hid under an¬† unused table across from Jane. At first, she was alone but later, another girl, about Jane’s age came and sat with Jane.¬† “Well that was a waste of time!” said Emma, “she’s just hanging out with a friend”. Brianna started to say something, but before she could,a bunch of people walked over and sat at the table Brianna and Emma were under.¬† “ow!” Emma cried as she got kicked by a foot, they had to get out.¬† The two girls slid out of the table and rushed out of the restaurant and hurried home.¬† as soon as she did, Brianna plopped into¬† bed, not even in pajamas. She had to agree_ it was a waste of time going to Olga’s when she could be sleeping!

Chapter 3: Mom Goes And Jane comes

Brianna watched as Mom was¬† pulled away, she brushed away a tear or two and shut the door.¬† She walked up the stairs, two at a time and went in her room and slammed the door shut.¬† A minute¬† later Bella opened it, “There’ s a stranger at the door”¬† she said. “She looks like she wants to sleep over”.

Brianna went to the door and saw a young woman at the doorway. She had an overflowing backpack full of clothes and magazines.¬† Her black hair had strips dyed in pink and her blue sweater looked to big for her thin body.¬† “I’m Jane,”¬† she said “is Mrs. Sally here?” “um she’s at the hospital” Brianna answered “oh…well…uh”¬† Jane¬† stammered “You must be the baby sitter!”¬† Brianna interrupted shaking Jane’s hand and taking her backpack in the house. What did ¬† Jane bring that made the backpack so heavy? She dumped it¬† off in the guest room and rushed back down stairs to greet the babysitter.¬† it looked like Bella was already doing that, showing¬† Jane every room in the house seemed fun to her especially the T.V. room. Bella turned on Netflix and asked “so what show do you want to watch?” she asked as Brianna entered with a piece of string cheese.¬† “She won’t want to watch anything” she said “well do you have Xbox”Jane asked as Bella turned it on.

So the kids played games for an hour,¬† then Jane said ” gee I’m hungry how ’bout some dinner?”¬† So Brianna went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.¬† She returned to the T.V. room and said “Jane,¬† mom didn’t leave us any leftovers” “well can’t you cook?” Jane asked Brianna shook her head “Mom never taught me” she replied “well want to go to T.G.I. Fridays? Bella suggested “OK!” Jane said.¬† So they all enjoyed a good dinner, went home and watched Samantha, An American Girl and went to bed.

Chapter 2 The Trip

Later , Esther packed for Aunt Laura’s.¬† Then she wrote down all the things she wanted to do

  • see a swan
  • meet the president
  • get a dog
  • ¬†pet a cat
  • go to school
  • become a slave!

Later, Esther went on a train all the way to washingtin D.C. “I…can’t beleve I’m going to the state of the presedent” she said excitedly “All the way from Missouri too!”¬† Aunt Laura greeted Esther at the door with a puppy! Esther named him Ford because of his awesome cars!

Beautiful Girlhood: Acquaintances

Girls doing schoolwork.

A while ago I started a Beautiful Girlhood study, remember? When the rose bud opens and how it’s like a girl as she turns to a woman, if not you can go back and read A Rose Bud opens and From Girlhood To Womanhood in the archives.¬† Okay, if you’re done reading let’s begin studying. First of all, what¬†is acquaintances?¬†What does that mean? It means relationships. It’s what makes you friends with your friends, it’s what makes you friends with God, you to have a good acquaintance with God to be his friend.

That’s the same way with other friends_ you have to have a good acquaintance with them to be their friend.¬† If you have a bad acquaintance, you aren’t a true friend with her, this same thing happened with me with a girl that once knew named Emma.¬† When her Mom came to watch me and my brothers (my mommy had been pregnant with my little sister Lizzie at that time) because My mommy was on bed rest.¬† And Emma kept asking me to do stuff that I knew I shouldn’t have done, like playing in my mommy’s makeup. But I listened to her…and I got in BIG trouble!¬† This is why you should have a good acquaintance to be a good friend.¬† But not only should you have a good acquaintances with friends and God, you should also have a good acquaintances with your Mom and Dad too; love them and honer them. Now I think that we have a good view of ¬†acquaintances, don’t you agree? Well thank you for visiting and reading!

Chapter 2: Bella Trys To Cheerlead

Brianna rushed home as fast as she could.¬† When she got there, Brianna’s dog Biscuit greeted her with a howl and Ruby did a yip-yap bark. Brianna found Bella in the family room, she was munching on Brianna’s Cheetos well watching Dora The Explorer.¬† “Hey!” Brianna shouted and she snatched the bag witch had nothing but a few crumbs left inside. ” Did Mom let you watch a Nick Jr. show?” Brianna asked “she’s still at work” Bella said.¬† Mom worked at Brianna’s and Bella’s favorite store Toy’s R Us, that’s why Brianna went there so often. “I’m gonna see if you can cheer lead tomorrow, don’t tell Mom” she said.¬† “OK!” Bella said excitedly.

So the next day, Brianna secretly took Bella to school.¬† She didn’t walk with Emma and Lillie or ride her Barbie bike that her Mom and Dad gave to her for 8th birthday, she walked.¬† When Brianna and Bella arrived in the classroom, many students murmured and giggled, but Emma gasped_ Mrs. Smart didn’t like six year old’s in her classroom.”¬† Child, what’s this beast doing here!?” Mrs Smart shouted “she’s my sister” Brianna stammered “please let her stay! She wants to cheer lead for me”.¬† “No! that’s your job, now get your wreaked sister out of here so we may start” Mrs. Smart said.¬† Brianna did as she was told, as she was leaving, she heard Truman whisper “beast” and giggle.

The next day, Brianna did the same thing, but instead she was sent home with a note for Mom.¬† Brianna was happy to be out of school, but when came she got¬†¬†¬†¬† home, there was a ambulance parked in the driveway.¬† “Dad?” Brianna whispered and she rushed in aftere Bella.¬† Brianna pushed through the crowds to Mom! “no!” Brianna cried. “She broke her leg ” a doctor said and¬† Bella said that they were having a sitter until Mom came back.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression all started when people got worried about their money and stopped purchasing as much as they used to.¬† Soon, all the workers in the stores and factories lost their jobs, so the people became poor.¬† Teenagers would sometimes “ride the rails” and live the life of a hobo or beggar.

When F.D.R. became president, he promised a new life.¬† Soon he started the Civilian Conservation Corps, or C.C.C. where young men built roads or put out fires.¬† They would make money and send half of it home to their families.¬† After World War¬† II ended, men were reunited with their families and the families grew, so factories and stores opened again.¬† This was called the “baby boom”.¬† The stores began to sell goods again!